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Getting started with SQFI

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How do I get certified?

The certification process can be completed in 10 steps, please check out this article for more information.


Where do I need to register?

Please register your facility or facilities by filling out this form: https://www.sqfi.com/assessment-database/


Where do I submit compliance/code-related questions?

Please submit all compliance and code-related inquiries to compliance@fmi.org.


Where can I find resources to help me with this process?

Please check out the Resource Center on sqfi.com or other articles in the Help Center for more information. If you cannot find the resource you are looking for, please email info@sqfi.com or call 202-220-0635 for assistance. 


Can you recommend a certification body?

No, SQFI does not offer certification body recommendations. SQF is partnered with over 30 certification bodies, please check out this link for more information. 


Do you have a list of SQF Practitioners?

No, SQFI does not retain a list of SQF Practitioners. Practitioners are required to meet sections and of the SQF Code. Those who meet the requirements set forth in the code are considered SQF Practitioners. 


How can I get the SQFI logo?

If you are a certified site, please contact your certification body for the correct logo. Ensure you only use the logo in compliance with the rules set forth in the SQF Code, the SQF Logo Rules of Use are located in SQF Code Appendix 3.  


Can I buy the SQF Codes?

The SQFI codes are free to download from our website.  SQF Food Safety & Quality Codes are comprised of 13 industry-specific codes. The SQF family of codes provides step-by-step instruction for production and manufacturing sites to become SQF Certified.

SQF Code Edition 9 includes:

  • Primary Plant Production
  • Primary Animal Production
  • Aquaculture
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Animal Product Manufacturing
  • Animal Feed Manufacturing
  • Dietary Supplements Manufacturing
  • Manufacture of Food Packaging
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Food Retail *
  • Foodservice *
  • Quality

*Edition 8.1 Codes, not updated to Edition 9.


We are an SQF Certified site, can we use the  SQFI logo?

Yes, Sites that achieve and maintain certification to the SQF Fundamentals, the SQF Food Safety Code, and the SQF Quality Code are granted permission by their certification body (CB) to use the SQF logo. Electronic SQF logo files can be obtained from the CB.

All versions of the SQF Code contain Appendix 3: SQF Logo Rules of Use.  Appendix 3 covers Conditions of Use, Logo Reproduction, Obligations of a Site, Grounds for Ceasing Use of the SQf Logo, and Disclaimer. Please download your applicable code for referencing Appendix 3.


Are there easy ways for our site to showcase and publicize our SQF Certification? 

Connect with SQFI  on social media. See more ideas in this article, Showcase your SQF Pride and Publicize your SQF Certification.


Where can I find SQF merchandise?

We have a variety of SQF branded items, including signs, banners, and apparel, that you can purchase at the SQF Store.

SQFI is here to help, if you have any additional questions please contact us at info@sqfi.com or 202-220-0635.

Last Updated 04/19/2023